Read our blogs to learn more about our Cre8a pods. Find out the benefits and how to complete the perfect pod. Whether it will be a summer house, garden room, home office or a home gym our pod will cater to your needs!

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Why Cre8a Pod Could Be Your New Home Office!

21 November 2017

It can be difficult to balance home and work life especially if your work life is at home. How can you separate the two? The problem can be solved, have Cre8a Pod as your new home office.  Garden rooms are a fantastic solution for creating an office space at home so why could Cre8a Pod…

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Cre8a office pod

How To Build Your Dream Home Office

16 November 2017

Thinking about starting your own business from home or freeing up a spare room in your house? Cre8a Pod could be the answer to your new home office. Our pod has many potential uses and a home office could be the right match for you!  To start building your dream home office think about what…

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Cottingham Show Day ONE

Cre8a Pod at Cottingham Show

08 November 2017

Cre8a Pod was at Cottingham Parks Caravan Show in September showing off our bedroom and bathroom pod. Our pod was size 4; 7320mm x 3000mm. We used fir platinum external cladding, Diamond Plus Eng Hickory Rustic Stain H/S Lacq solid wood flooring and Slate Retro Metallic shower cladding. We were there for 5 days, had a…

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What’s Inside An Infrared Heating Panel?

01 November 2017

An infrared heating panel, carbon fibre panel comprises a number of layers. There are absolutely no moving parts, and no risk of overheating or fire inside your garden room. Only the highest quality materials are used, which meet current ecological standards for construction and disposal. Only the best for the garden pod. The heating components are…

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Advantages to Infrared Heating

19 October 2017

There are many advantages to infrared heating, and here are just a few: Economical To Purchase  Infrared heating panels are up to 50% cheaper than other conventional heating systems.  The highest quality components are assembled in order to produce an infrared heating panel that has a virtually unlimited lifetime. Easy To Install Infrared heating panels…

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