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“Cre8a will strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, providing a quality driven, professional service, and we will endeavour never to make promises we cannot keep”.

About Cre8a garden rooms 8 Promises


  1. Reliability. We won’t make promises we cannot keep.
  2. Creativity. We will use your vision to create an ideal garden room.
  3. Quality. We will deliver high standards and lasting quality.
  4. Value. We will keep our prices competitive and pass on savings where possible.
  5. Loyalty. We will provide great after-sales care to our clients.
  6. Integrity. We will be friendly, fair and honest.
  7. Responsibility. We will ensure minimal impact on the environment.
  8. Sustainability. We will stand by our clients, colleagues, associate traders and suppliers to sustain solid business foundations.

Working together we strive to be our clients’ preferred suppliers. For garden rooms, home extensions and associated building enhancement products. Learn more about Cre8a Garden rooms

About Cre8a garden rooms History

Cre8a Pod is an independent manufacturing facility based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Furthermore, Cre8a is apart of the Fair Share Group which established in 2012. Also, Cre8a is the sister company of Highseal Manufacturing. Highseal Manufacturing offers a comprehensive range of products. PVC-u, aluminium and timber windows. PVC and composite doors, conservatories. Modular external buildings, roofing structures and other home improvement products. To the trade and domestic markets.

About Cre8a garden room products

About Cre8a garden room products; Cre8a Pod, Clad and Build. To the trade, commercial, retail and DIY.

Cre8a Pod offers garden rooms, accommodation units and business premises.

Clad Clad offers home and building improvements. A high-laminated piece of cladding with many benefits.

Finally Cre8a Build, an alternative to brick extension.

about cre8a garden rooms quality

Furthermore, Cre8a is committed to quality excellence. As a result Cre8a operates under both the CE Marking and BSI Kitemark accreditation. Therefore this means Cre8a products also meet the new Approved Document Q requirements. Consequently Cre8a remains focused on their clients' needs. Whether they are standard or bespoke designs. Therefore, continuous strive to deliver a friendly but professional service. Also sustainability is important to us so we invest in the development of our products. To ensure alignment with current regulations and energy technologies.

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Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Neil Donaldson behind the idea

Neil Donaldson

Managing Director
Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Sue Donaldson who is apart of the Cre8a team

Sue Donaldson

Financial Director & Company Secretary
Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Holly Donaldson the Senior Company Administrator

Holly Donaldson

Assistant Office Manager
Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Ben Dowell, the design, sales and marketing assistant.

Ben Dowell

Design, Sales and Marketing Assistant
Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Gary Martin, Scotlands sales rep

Gary Martin

Sales Executive (Scotland)

Daz Brand, Midas Windows, Scunthorpe

computer-1331579__180I have been purchasing windows, doors, conservatories and other building improvement products from Highseal for approximately 15 years. In that time we have established a strong and friendly working relationship that provides benefits both ways.

The staff are particularly helpful and continually go the extra mile to accommodate my business needs.

I can rely on Highseal to provide good quality products that are value for money. This allows me to pass on those benefits to my clients.

I am supportive of their investment into new products and look forward to working with their new venture Cre8a.

Their range of new and exciting products will undoubtedly appeal to my clients.

Quality accreditation
We have been awarded the BSi Kitemark for quality and procedural compliance.  We comply with CE marking and quality control to ensure our products are met to high standards. Please call us for more information.

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Cre8a hopes you found about Cre8a Garden Rooms helpful. If you have any more questions please get in contact. The Cre8a team would be happy to help with your enquiry. Furthermore would be happy to talk to you more about Cre8a Garden Rooms.


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