Cre8a Home Offices

Your Cre8a Garden Office For The Next Step in Your Career

Cre8a pod could be the next step in your career with Cre8a home garden office. Working from home can make life easier. But finding the room or motivation can be a challenge. The solution? A Cre8a Garden Office.  Cre8a Office Benefits An improved work environment! No more household distractions or clutter. Increased space in the…

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Get your VAT back!

Using Your Pod As Home office Having a home office can offer more additional benefits than separating your home life and making you more professional. Being self-employed and having a garden office building as a company asset means you can reclaim your VAT. Provided you are VAT registered as a sole trader, partnership or limited…

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Why Cre8a Pod Could Be Your New Home Office!

Cre8a pod as a home office, one of the many possibilities for the Cre8a Pod.

It can be difficult to balance home and work life especially if your work life is at home. How can you separate the two? The problem can be solved. Have Cre8a Pod as your new home office.  Garden rooms are a fantastic solution for creating an office space at home. So why could Cre8a Pod…

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