Luxury accommodation units

Rural Development Programme For Lodges

The deadline is soon approaching for RDPE so make sure you apply while you can! The aim of the grant is to support projects that will encourage more tourists to come, to stay longer and to spend more money in rural areas. The minimum grant offered could be £35,000 which means you could have one…

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Funding for Your Next Lodge

We think it is a great idea to help build the growth of the community, create more job and attract more tourist to your area. There are so many advantages which benefit everyone. The rural tourism growth grant helps support the rural development programme for England. Which wants to make England’s agriculture and forestry sectors…

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A Great New Opportunity For Your Hotel

Cre8a pod could be a great new opportunity for your hotel. If you have used all the available space in your hotel but want to expand or offer a new weekend away experience to your customers, Cre8a pod could be the great solution for you. Our garden rooms could be used as a accommodation units,…

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