Cre8a Cladding

We are very proud to offer our clients Cre8a Cladding

The majority of our garden rooms will be completed with Fundermax exterior cladding, a very decorative, colourful and expressive range of wood finishes, stone, patinas or just wonderful colours of your choice. 

Cre8a Cladding is high-quality that are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL). Produced in laminate presses under high pressure at high temperature. It is dependable and distinctive which offers extremely effective weather protection. It has a unique rain screen façade which features a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin which creates a powerful weather protective coating. So wherever you live our pod will be able to withstand the weather and continuing providing great  protection!

Cre8a Cladding can be used on the garden rooms or as external or internal cladding for buildings and rooms to create a modern look. 

Extremely hard-wearing, solvent and scratch resistant. Consistent protection and uncompromising strength. Very easy to fit and low maintenance.

Our cladding looks like the real thing because it is a digital photo finish printed onto the cladding to give excellent detail. 

244 different colours and finishes. Two fixing styles. Also the cladding can be cut to different shapes and lengths!

The Cladding can be used internally and externally and with its wide range of colours we know there is one to suit your style.

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Our cladding is apart of our Cre8a pod but can be bought separately for a home-building and renovating. 

If You are Interested Get in Contact

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Fixing Styles

Stonehenge cladding

Modulo Fixing

A modern facade fastening system used to prefabricated standard elements with invisible mechanical brackets to create a clean look. There are many design possibilities; you can choose the length of cut and the style you would like your cladding to look.

Antique cladding

Scaleo Style

Lap sidings is an easy to design robust and modern facade. Once again you can choose the length of cut and colours you would like to use.



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