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Cre8a Garden room extension

Cre8a garden room extension, known as the Cre8a build. Cre8a pod turned into Cre8a Build. Unfinished but shows a garden room extension to create a new room.

 Cre8a Build!

First of all, Cre8a garden room extension is an alternative to brick extension. A quick and clean solution. As a result to help extend your home or office. Furthermore, fully building regulated, Document Q and BSI Kitemark accredited.


Therefore we take the back of a Cre8a Pod and attach it to your house. As a result this makes a brand new room. Hence a Cre8a pod turned into a Cre8a Build. Consequently a garden room extension.


Therefore instead of having the garden room at the bottom of your garden, attach it to the back of your home. For that reason, quick and easy access. Also, planning permission may not be required!

Conservatory Conversions


Before picture of the conservatory before it was converted into a cre8a build, in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.
TThis old garden room was transformed into a new cre8a build. The addition of a new roof and PVC windows and french doors this garden room will become a modern dwelling to be used on a daily basis. The project was undertaken in scunthorpe, north lincolnshire.


External Shot of recent Cre8a build. Showing our Cladding; marshland oak, Pent Roof and grey PVC doors combining with the existing conservatory foundations. Conservatory conversion taken place in North Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe.
Cre8a conservatory conversion with grey pvc windows and french doors installed in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. The old frames were taken down and replaced. A pent roof was installed. The brick foundation down was used so the Cre8a build could be built on top of the foundations.

Cre8a Extensions are a great quick and easy solution to get a room you can use all year round! The foundations are already there, we just need to update your old frames and a practical roof. Conservatory's are too cold in the winter but too warm in the summer. Therefore we can change your roof to an insulation roof which can provide comfort all year round. You can opt to have replacement frames or to create more walls. Let us know what your idea is and we can make your vision come true!

Cre8a extension was installed in North Lincolnshire in November 2018. Marshland oak cladding was used as the external cladding on the garden room extension. Even more, grey PVC windows and patio doors were installed. Most noteworthy manufactured by Highseal Manufacturing. The conservatory was taken down and a Cre8a Pod was built on the brick wall which the conservatory sat on. The customer was very pleased with her new all year round. It is highly insulated which means she can now use the room in the winter and not have her heating on too much. 

Garden Room Extension

Modular classroom garden room extension

First of all a home garden room extension that is modern. Also, meets current regulations and comes as a complete unit. As a result a maintenance free, heated, fully insulated extension to the home or office. Consequently available in two weeks from delivery to move in - no extension on the market compares. Furthermore no painting or plastering needed. Most noteworthy available with a fantastic range of modern options.


Finally a great new way to extend your home that not only looks fantastic but has a 10 years guarantee as well.

The next generation of extensions is here.

If you would like anymore information send an enquiry today!


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