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Who Are Cre8a Modular Buildings?


modern garden room in north lincolnshire, l-shaped, marshland oak cladding. Request a free garden room brochure to learn more about Cre8a Pod

Cre8a garden rooms are a fairly new modular buildings product. An innovative system designed by Neil Donaldson at Fair Share Group Ltd. Neil created Cre8a garden rooms to match modern living with environmental and sustainable energy efficient products and technology. A new way to offer modular buildings; maintenance free, no painting, easy to erect and almost 100% recyclable. Manufactured in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Cre8a continues to grow and hopes to install Cre8a garden rooms and extensions across the nation. Cre8a offers products and services to trade, diy, retail and commercial.

Furthermore, Cre8a is committed to quality excellence. As a result Cre8a operates under both the CE Marking and BSI Kitemark accreditation. Therefore this means Cre8a products also meet the new Approved Document Q requirements. Consequently Cre8a remains focused on their clients’ needs. Whether they are standard or bespoke designs. Therefore, continuous strive to deliver a friendly but professional service. Also sustainability is important to us so we invest in the development of our products. To ensure alignment with current regulations and energy technologies.

Modular Buildings

Cre8a is a standalone modular buildings that has a variety of uses; from lodges and annexes to classrooms, home offices and all manner of commercial or domestic use. It is fully building compliant, meeting the current regulations for both thermal efficiency and structural integrity. Cre8a are also striving for most of the components to meet current fire regulations or better.

Neil, Cre8a Managing Director challenged himself in 2015 to bring something different to the market. By combining his experience with quality, eco-products and innovative design the Cre8a Pod was born. Supported within the business by members of his family and a team of long-serving employees, Neil believes he has what he needs to ensure the company and its brands succeed. Neil’s motto is “it is better to be different than it is to be better”.

Watch this space!

Cre8a Build

Cre8a Build

A Cre8a-build model has also been designed as a house or office extension – from delivery to move in 10 days. Easy, quick, great designs and fully inclusive pods with their own electric, bathrooms, flooring and technology. No more waiting for the traditional build with a 12-14 week build time, footings full of water and all the associated trades. Our recent Cre8a Builds have been fitted and completed within 5-7 days. Cre8a takes the back off a Cre8a Pod and attach it to your house. As a result this makes a brand new room. Hence a Cre8a pod turned into a Cre8a Build. Consequently a garden room extension.

All windows and doors used in Cre8a modular buildings are manufactured by Highseal Manufacturing.


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