Cre8a Pod – An Investment For Your Home Garden Rooms

Cre8a Luxury Garden room with Decking and hot tub

Not only is Cre8a pod a great investment for your money but it also provides priceless memories with your friends and family for years and years due to the 10-year guarantee.  With the growing trend in Garden rooms, there has never been a better time to invest in a Cre8a Pod for your Garden.

Cre8a Pods are great for all reasons and all seasons. Unlike your typical garden rooms, they can be used for anything from spare rooms, workshops to home offices. Whatever the reason Cre8a Pod Will never let you down.

A Garden Room

Having a garden room can increase the property value by up to 10% as well as leading to your property being sold quicker. So even after you have enjoyed being in your garden room, it still brings you joy after moving out. Or if you decide you love your Cre8a Pod too much to move without it we can take it down and put it up on your new property ready for you to enjoy again.

If you have already been considering the idea of getting a new garden room then look no further. Our external cladding is the best on the market. Our garden rooms are worth the investment. We have tried and tested our cladding versus the competition and ours is super durable and very easy to maintain. Whereas the competitors, don’t stand the hand of time leading. They rot, split and need a lot of maintaining to keep it looking the way it did when new.

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