Cre8a Pod at Cottingham Show

Cre8a Pod was at Cottingham Parks Caravan Show in September showing off our bedroom and bathroom pod. Our pod was size 4; 7320mm x 3000mm. We used fir platinum external cladding, Diamond Plus Eng Hickory Rustic Stain H/S Lacq solid wood flooring. Slate Retro Metallic shower cladding. We were there for 5 days, had a great time and a great response.

Everybody was impressed with the design of Cre8a pod. How modern it looked and that it came in a kit form! They loved the bathroom was disabled friendly and the cladding was so strong! Many people commented on the pod being “kid proof”. Our external cladding is scratch and shatter resistant. Therefore children can kick footballs and play against the outside. In addition the cladding would not get damaged! As a result a great feature to our pod. The cladding and flooring inside can be wiped down easily so if you have any messy children it’s not a problem!

On the retail day we met a gentleman who wants to use our pod for his endless pool! That was not on our list of uses but what a great idea! We cannot wait to see the final product with the pool installed and the lights shinning on the water, it will look amazing! 

Before and After

We had enough room for a bathroom pod, to fit a bed, a sofa and a desk. We were showing our accommodation pod since it was a caravan show but that doesn’t mean our pod cannot be turned into your idea!


If you went to Cottingham Parks Caravan Show we hope you had an amazing time as much as we did and we hope you loved our pod as much as we did! If you missed us don’t worry we have a show model at our factory you can always visit or you might catch us at a show next year! 

Remember our vision is your creation! You can use Cre8a pod as an accomodation pod/granny annexe like we showed at Cottingham Park Caravan Show or you can use it as a garden room, hobby room or summer house! 

If you would like to learn more view our website or send an enquiry to [email protected]

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