Don’t Move, Improve with Cre8a extension

Many homeowners are questioning whether they should stay or move to meet their next home requirements. Problems arising are duty cost, lack of property for sale and general economic uncertainty.  Factors that commonly trigger people to move are growing families and new jobs. Generally, people extend their homes regardless of how much it adds to the value of the property. Homeowners are more likely to extend when they feel they’ll recoup their investment.

Extensions usually get added in order of how much they cost to build. Side and rear extensions are the cheapest options for homeowners looking to add space. Brick extensions are the common build but Cre8a extension is the new, improved and cheaper way to extend your home! The Cre8a extension is the same as our garden room but we take the back wall off and put it on the back of your house! No planning permission is needed.

Cre8a Extension

Cre8a extension can be used to help your growing family or accommodate your job! Cre8a extension can be used as an additional bedroom or home office. However, if you do not want to add the Cre8a pod to your house have it in your garden! Cre8a pod can be used as a home office at the bottom of your garden to allow you to concentrate. Also, cre8a pod garden room could be used as an accommodation unit. It can come supplied with a bathroom so your guest has their own private room.

Cre8a pod and Cre8a extension is a 5-7 day build, no plastering or painting needed so you can move in straight away! Cre8a extension is a great new way to extend your home. Externally you can have our amazing cladding with over 200 different styles or brick slip (however this would add to the build time). Internal clicwall cladding so you do not have to worry about plastering or painting.

So, why move when you can improve with Cre8a pod and extension! Enquire today at

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