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Easy Hassle Free Garden Room

Cre8a garden room turned into a modular classroom at a Preschool in Driffield. Showing the outside of the modular classroom with fir platinum cladding and grey bi-folding doors closed. Modular classroom to help the children learn further.

Buying a garden room is one of the quickest way to extend your home! And Cre8a garden rooms can help you achieve this! An easy hassle free garden room for your garden. Your dream garden room can become a reality. A garden room is a quick and easy solution. Due to the lead times from the initial order being 6 to 8 weeks. However it could be longer if you apply for planning permission. Build time would be 5-7 days. Having a garden room installed is quick because the building of the garden room takes place at Cre8a’s factory. Cre8a garden rooms come in a kit form. Therefore parts of the garden room are pre-manufactured. This means the garden room can be installed quicker. Also if there is restricted access to the property it is not a problem. The kit form can be taken through a house or easily lifted.

Form A Close Relationship to Achieve Your Easy and Hassle Free Garden Room

If you buy a Cre8a garden room we will work directly with you. Therefore we will form a close relationship. This allows you to have a lot of input into the layout, materials and finishes used for your Cre8a garden room. You only work with one firm, Cre8a! We have eliminated the hassle of hiring other tradesmen. There is no need to hire a plasterer or painter, we use internal cladding. We an organise the base for your garden room. Saves you finding someone to cement your garden. There is no need to be waiting for quotes and people getting back to you. Cre8a does everything. All you have to do is tell Cre8a what you require and leave the rest to us. From your initial meeting through to the installation of the garden room Cre8a will handle everything.

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Little disruption happens during the build and allows you to move into your garden room quicker. Cre8a is apart of Highseal Manufacturing so Cre8a can easily get the windows and doors for your garden room! Once Cre8a has all the information needed you can sit back and relax. Then in 8 weeks time your garden room will be ready and installed. You will be able to move into it straight away.

What could be better? An easy hassle free garden room. Get in contact today and tell us what your dream is and we will help you turn it into a reality.


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