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Entertainment Garden Room

External Shot of the new Entertainment garden room, using new external creek cladding. Grey upvc single door and 500mm overhang.

A 4m x 3.5m entertainment garden room was installed in London for the clients daughters birthday present. She wanted a room for herself,  boyfriend and friends to hang out without disturbing her parents. The customers met us at Grand Designs Live in October 2018 and discussed the different options they wanted. There was a space at the bottom of their garden and they wanted to utilize to fit a garden room. This was made possible because our garden rooms are made bespoke and was installed alongside their garden shed. Building the entertainment garden room was not without its challenges. There was no direct access to the garden from the road. However this was not too much of a challenge because Cre8a garden rooms come in kit form. Therefore the team walked all the materials and tools for the project through the house. The project was completed in 5 working days.

Internal view showing the two different internal cladding colours inside the Cre8a entertainment garden room. Beige cladding used on one and one wall has white internal clicwal cladding. Portobello laminate flooring used, white skirting board and chrome finished plug sockets. Spotlights used in the ceiling panels. Small grey upvc window installed in the top to allow more ventilation without disturbing the neighbours. White infrared heating panel installed onto the wall. The garden room will be used as an entertainment garden room for the customers daughter.


Grey UPVC windows and doors were installed. Manufactured by Highseal Manufacturing. A 500mm overhang with spotlights was added to the build. Solid grey panels on the overhang were installed to match the windows and doors. This is a great feature to have as it showcases the garden room day and night. Two internal cladding colours were used inside which looks great! Two walls white and two walls dune beige. This helps break the room up and make it looks more homely and fit the daughters colour scheme. Furthermore portobello flooring was installed. A white internal panel heater, sockets and the internal and external spot lights were all included in the price as well. We also included a blue-tooth audio system which was built into the ceiling panel.

Creek external cladding was installed to help the garden room blend into their garden. Cre8a cladding has over 200 different colour and styles so there is something to suit everyone’s taste and style. In this case they wanted a cladding to match their garden shed. The cladding looks great and works well! The entertainment garden room will require little annual maintenance because of the high pressured laminate cladding. The cladding will not fade, rot or need painting, it will maintain its colour! The wood effect is similar to Cedar but will not fade to grey as it ages!

To build a similar size and layout of this entertainment garden room you would need a budget of £17,000 to £20,000. If you would like some more information, get in contact today! View more photos on our gallery. Cre8a can make any garden room bespoke to your needs. You choose the windows, doors, cladding and where to put everything. Then we make your dream come true!

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