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Cre8a Garden Room Blog

Read our Cre8a garden room blog to learn more about our Cre8a Pods. Cre8a garden room blog is a great way to find information out about creating the perfect garden room for you.

Find out the benefits and how to complete the perfect garden room. Whether it will be a summer house, garden room, home office or a home gym our pod will cater to your needs!

Use the search bar to search for a particular key word to help you find the information you are looking for. If you cannot find your answers please feel free to contact Cre8a. Cre8a would be happy to help you regarding your garden room.

Cre8a Garden Room Blog, Picture of Garden room in garden

Modular Classroom For Outdoor Learning

Cre8a installed a modular classroom in Driffield in August 2018 for a pre-school. Cre8a built this small modular classroom as a space to inspire outside learning. The pre-school wanted a modular classroom with bi-folding doors to open up the classroom with the outdoors. So they could learn while interacting with nature. Cre8a was contacted by…
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Conservatory Conversion

  Change your old worn down conservatory into a room you can use all year round! UPVC conservatories are usually too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Therefore we have come up with an alternative solution for your problem! Cre8a can either replace your old frames or can change it to…
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Entertainment Garden Room

A 4m x 3.5m entertainment garden room was installed in London for the clients daughters birthday present. She wanted a room for herself,  boyfriend and friends to hang out without disturbing her parents. The customers met us at Grand Designs Live in October 2018 and discussed the different options they wanted. There was a space…
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Old Sunroom Transformation

Our project for transforming an old sun-room into a use-able garden room has been completed. We have replaced the old worn down wooden framed & glass sun-room into a room that can be comfortably used all year round. The sunroom transformation changed the large pitched roof to a pent roof. Mrs J wanted a room…
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Who Are Cre8a Modular Buildings?

  Cre8a garden rooms are a fairly new modular buildings product. An innovative system designed by Neil Donaldson at Fair Share Group Ltd. Neil created Cre8a garden rooms to match modern living with environmental and sustainable energy efficient products and technology. A new way to offer modular buildings; maintenance free, no painting, easy to erect…
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Cre8a Garden Rooms

Are you planning to extend your home, improve your exterior or create a fabulous outdoor room? That not only looks amazing but also provides a tailor-made space! Either for your lifestyle or business, and adds value to your property? Cre8a Garden Rooms could be your answer. Designed with you in mind, each of Cre8a Garden Rooms can…
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Easy Hassle Free Garden Room

Buying a garden room is one of the quickest way to extend your home! And Cre8a garden rooms can help you achieve this! An easy hassle free garden room for your garden. Your dream garden room can become a reality. A garden room is a quick and easy solution. Due to the lead times from…
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Don’t Move, Improve with Cre8a extension

  Cre8a extension can be used to help your growing family or accommodate your job! Also, it can be used as an additional bedroom or home office. Many homeowners question whether they should stay or move to meet their next home requirements. Problems arising are duty cost, lack of property for sale and general economic…
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Replace Your Conservatory with a Garden Room Extension

Conservatories are a thing of the past with a Cre8a Build. Replacing a conservatory with an extension is now easier than ever. Therefore extend your home with an area you can use all year round, not just in summer. If you have a conservatory already this is great because Cre8a can build the Cre8a build…
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Cre8a hopes blogs helped you with your garden room journey. If you have any more questions please get in contact. The Cre8a team would be happy to help with your enquiry.

If you have any garden room blog topics you would like Cre8a to discuss, let them know. Cre8a would be happy to help you with your request and provide further information about a particular topic. 


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