Read our Cre8a garden room blogs to learn more about our Cre8a pods. Find out the benefits and how to complete the perfect pod. Whether it will be a summer house, garden room, home office or a home gym our pod will cater to your needs!

What is a Garden Room?

15 August 2018

Have you ever wondered what a garden room actually is? We hear the word flying around a lot but what is it? Many people say a garden room is just a posh shed but this is far from it! Do you want a garden room really looking like a shed? Cold, damp, insects and dull?…

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Garden Room Site Visits

08 August 2018

A site visit is a valuable part in the garden room buying process. It offers you the opportunity to ask detailed questions about your project and will help you make your final decisions as to which supplier to work with. Cre8a offers a free site visit. To discuss your options and take a detailed survey…

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What to expect from a site survey

02 August 2018

You would expect to have an initial chat about your expectations for the project, i.e. the size, shape and your intended use for the room. You would then go outside and look at the proposed site. At this stage the supplier will be assessing the location. Judging if where you are planning to site the…

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Don’t Move, Improve with Cre8a extension

25 July 2018

Many homeowners are questioning whether they should stay or move to meet their next home requirements. Problems arising are duty cost, lack of property for sale and general economic uncertainty.  Factors that commonly trigger people to move are growing families and new jobs. Generally, people extend their homes regardless of how much it adds to…

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Cre8a Garden Gym

18 July 2018

A Garden Gym – Great For Body and Mind A garden gym takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your local gym & even your home, providing the perfect private space to really unwind. Your gym can be positioned to make the most of your surroundings, giving natural views of the great outdoors…

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