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Read our Cre8a garden room blog to learn more about our Cre8a Pods. Cre8a garden room blog is a great way to find information out about creating the perfect garden room for you.

Find out the benefits and how to complete the perfect garden room. Whether it will be a summer house, garden room, home office or a home gym our pod will cater to your needs!

An Easy and Hassle Free Garden Room

30 May 2018

Make life easier with a Cre8a Garden Room! Cre8a not creata It takes approximately 6 weeks to build a garden room from the date of your order. We stock some external cladding but due to the extensive range offered some may need to be specially ordered. Nevertheless, we will always endeavor to provide your garden room…

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The Benefits of Our Cladding

23 May 2018

Benefits of Cladding With our cladding you can have the aesthetically look of wood without it rotting, needing treatment or catching fire! On our Cre8a Pods we only use the best quality for your quality garden room. The benefits of cladding: Weather resistant to EN ISO 4892-2 lightfast acc. to EN ISO 4892-3 Double hardened…

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Rural Development Programme For Lodges

15 May 2018

The deadline is soon approaching for RDPE so make sure you apply while you can! The aim of the grant is to support projects that will encourage more tourists to come, to stay longer and to spend more money in rural areas. The minimum grant offered could be £35,000 which means you could have one…

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Funding for Your Next Lodge

08 May 2018

We think it is a great idea to help build the growth of the community, create more job and attract more tourist to your area. There are so many advantages which benefit everyone. The rural tourism growth grant helps support the rural development programme for England. Which wants to make England’s agriculture and forestry sectors…

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A Cre8a Pod for Your Endless Pool

02 May 2018

Cre8a Pod can create your dream room. Whatever your vision may be we can turn it into our creation. We can even create a pool room . Our shower cladding is great to create a wet room so you can have the perfect pool room . The Geopanel interior decoration paneling is stylish and modern.…

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