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Garden Room FAQS

Please see below some Garden Room FAQS Cre8a has put together to help you with your garden room journey. If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact Cre8a and they will be more than happy to help.

The popular garden room faqs is do I need planning permission for a garden room?

Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

For most areas the garden room size and height have been designed to negate the need for planning permission. As a result they fall within the permitted building regulations. Likewise this is subject to change if  you couple the garden room to your house. Also a higher roof version and/or lie in a conservation area. If planning permission is required our Technical Service Team and surveyor can handle this for you.

Does the garden room design comply with building regulations?

Yes, and a full specification sheet is available showing how the floor. Also the walls and roof comply with the building regulations in England/Wales and Scotland.

How long does it take to produce a garden room?

It takes approximately 6 weeks to build a garden room from the date of the order.

Some external cladding is stocked. Due to the extensive range offered some may need to be specially ordered. Nevertheless, we will always endeavour to provide your garden room by the chosen date.

Will I be provided with installation materials for a self-build?

A full set of easy-to-follow installation instructions in hard copy and/or electronic format would be provided. Also personal login details to access "how to" videos on our website.

You would be provided with the contact details of a technical specialist who would be available to discuss any issues in person.

What are the delivery costs?

The cost of delivery from factory to end-user site entrance is included in the price.

Is Cre8a Pod a fully serviced building and how does it work?

Cre8a pod is a stylish, modern, fully functional, self-contained living space which can have a bedroom and/or a shower room. Also the garden room is internally wired and connected with the existing house supply. As a result all connections are completed to "Part P" Building Regulation. In order to allow water in and waste out the garden room this would be connected to mains drainage. 

What ground works and foundation will be required?

A solid concrete base is required to ensure there is no movement on the garden room externally or internally. Due to the weight and solidity of the pod a concrete base will ensure full stability.

Likewise if you don't want a concrete base in your garden we also offer the ground screw for solid foundations. Most noteworthy a quicker, easy and mess free solution.

To view more about ground screw please visit:

How quickly can we install Cre8a Pod once the order is confirmed?

Usually a lead time of 6-8 weeks from the day the order is placed. From instillation and key hand over. 

Above all installation should be completed within 7 days.  Likewise barring any external factors which will be needed to taken into consideration.

Learn about Cre8a garden rooms and Neil Donaldson behind the idea

He can help with your Garden Room FAQS

Garden Room FAQS

What are the payment terms?

A non-refundable 40% deposit is required on placing the order. If Cre8a is installing the garden room then a further 40% of the order value will be required prior to delivery, and the remaining 20% on completion of installation.

For self-builds, 75% of the order value will be required on delivery.

What if I change my mind about the colour scheme?

Changes to colour schemes will only be allowable if orders for the associated components have not yet been placed by Cre8a.

Can I have bi-folding doors instead of sliding doors?

Yes – there is a range of door and window configurations available to choose from. These will be explained to you and demonstrated during the design process.

Can I choose where to put the windows?

The garden room configuration will be designed to your requirements providing that the integrity of the building is not compromised.

Can I choose the colour schemes for the internal déc or?

Yes –we want to create your vision so you will be offered a range of options for all the internal components.


What do I need to do to prepare for the delivery of my new garden room?

For DIY or “supply only” you will need to provide a suitable hard-standing at the site of the installation (ideally a concrete base), as well as an electrical feed and plumbed water/waste-water facilities (if a washroom model is chosen); for “supply only” orders we recommend that you seek expert advice on this. Where Cre8a is installing the garden room you can still opt to have another supplier build the base and supply all amenities if preferred.

What if my site is not fit for a garden room?

We will carry out a site survey to establish the suitability of the installation site and make recommendations if we deem the site not suitable.

Can I change the exterior or interior of the garden room in the future?

Yes – if you decide on a change of use or just want to update the décor, we can remove and replace the internal and external cladding and the decking or balustrade and change them to meet your new requirements.

What is not included in the price?

We design, manufacture, deliver and install your Cre8a Pod. We do not include the concrete base, power suppler or water and waste to and from the garden room. These items would be added on as extra to the cost. You can have decking and balustrade or a bi-folding door at an additional price. 

Can you provide finance for my Cre8a pod?

We can offer you a finance quote as a payment option for your Cre8a Pod.

Can I have a pod if I live in a terrace house?

Yes! Our garden room is built in-house and then taken down into different sections so we can carry and deliver effectively, because the garden room are in sections this means we are able to carry it through your house. We don't use cranes to drop the garden room into your garden. We will rebuild the garden room in your garden. 

How quickly can you install my garden room at my location?

It will take us 1 week to install your garden room in your garden. 

Can my garden room be used for endless pools or hot tubs?

There is no components inside the garden room that chlorine or fluoride would affect. We would recommend having the bathroom wall panels throughout the garden room if you are installing the pool or hot tub inside. Also to have laminate flooring instead of solid wood flooring. All internal joints are dry sealed other than a mastic so no issue there. We also recommend towel/robe electric wall heaters. 

What is the guarantee / warranty period?

A garden room installed by Cre8a will be provide a full 10-year guarantee on all components. Most noteworthy, except the plumbing appliances and electrical parts. As a result these will be supplied with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. The electrical installation will be certified by a nominated independent electrical engineer.

The garden room will be supplied with a 10-year guarantee on all build items (other than the plumbing and electrical parts) if Cre8a does not install the garden room. However, this is subject to correct assembly and installation. 

Where is Cre8a Pod installed?

All over the UK! Cre8a pride themselves on ensuring their customer experience is as straightforward as possible. As a result there will be a free, no obligation site survey anywhere in the UK. Due to establish your requirements and make the appropriate observations and measurements at the site concerned. Cre8a will manufacture, deliver and install your building at your specific location anywhere in the UK.

Can a decked area and balustrade be added at a later date?

Yes finishing touches can be added after the installation is complete. Such as decking and balustrade. Most noteworthy a concrete base is provided to take the balustrade assembly.

Can my Cre8a pod move?

Yes! One of the many advantages of Cre8a Pod is the modular construction can be taken down and relocated. Consequently either in a different part in your garden or to your new house. As a result every move is individually evaluated with a survey at the new location and carried out. For that reason if you require the garden room to be moved by our Cre8a team there would be a move cost.

CRE8A Garden Room FAQS

Can the garden rooms be supplied with a service/maintenance agreement?

First of all, yes, a full service and maintenance package which includes two site visits per year. Certainly all parts and labour and a full cleaning service. Also, visual checks of all cladding to ensure it is securely fastened, and servicing of all moving parts.

What if there is a problem with the garden room after the installation team has left?

A full hand-over would be carried out to ensure you are completely happy with your garden room. Also to iron out any snags before they leave site.  Most noteworthy, if you are not fully satisfied with our work we promise to return to site to examine and resolve the problem identified.

Thereafter, our Customer Services Team will work with you should you have any queries.

Will Cre8a Pod add value to property?

Yes! The stylish garden room will certainly contribute to the sale-ability of the property in the future. However, there is no definitive answer to how much value Cre8a Pod brings. Although varies studies suggest that your overall property value could increase by as much as 10% along with the benefits of adding additional space to your home. 

Cre8a hopes you found Cre8a Garden Rooms FAQS helpful. If any further garden room faqs that were missed of the garden room FAQs page please let us know. Cre8a would like to make your expereince easy and hassle free.

If you have any more Garden Room FAQs please get in contact. The Cre8a team would be happy to help with your enquiry. Furthermore Cre8a would be happy to talk to you more about Cre8a Garden Rooms.


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