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Garden Room Site Survey

Cre8a Pod would be happy to assist you with a garden room site survey if you was interested in their product. Cre8a will give you an estimated quote to help you determine if Cre8a garden rooms fits within your budget. Afterwards if the price is right and you are interested Cre8a can organise a free garden room site survery. Therefore if you are interested in a Cre8a Pod please fill out the form below. 

Inform Cre8a with as much information as possible in the garden room enquiry form. As a result this helps to deal with your enquiry quick. Also Cre8a would be interested to know the following: size, intended use, budget and any additional features such as decking, bi-folding doors, bathroom etc.

Garden room site survey installing a Ground Screw Base for a Cre8a pod garden room

Cre8a can help with garden rooms, cladding and extension enquries.

View our website to help provide you with some more information. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact. Cre8a will be happy to help. 


For window, doors and enquiries please visit Highseal's website.


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