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Modular Classroom For Outdoor Learning

Cre8a installed a modular classroom in Driffield in August 2018 for a pre-school. Cre8a built this small modular classroom as a space to inspire outside learning. The pre-school wanted a modular classroom with bi-folding doors to open up the classroom with the outdoors. So they could learn while interacting with nature. Cre8a was contacted by an architect who had designed the classroom and wanted a company to make the design a reality. Cre8a could make his vision into a reality with the modern external cladding and bi-folding doors manufactured by Highseal Manufacturing. 

First Steps Pre-School in Driffield, East Yorkshire offers education and care for children aged two-and-a-half to school age. As a registered charity, the pre-school relies on parents’ fees to maintain and run its daily sessions, in addition to organised events to fundraise for new equipment and building work. Money was funded through the children’s parents and Tesco’s token funding so the pre-school could afford their new classroom.

Modular Classroom Specification

This new space enables small groups of children to be taught away from the main pre-school setting, providing a stimulating environment linked to specific learning targets involving both indoor and outdoor activities. The building was designed with modular construction techniques in mind, to provide a fast and efficient build and to minimise disruption for the children. The building size was 3.65m x 3.4m to fit in the space they had. The classroom only needed two walls of cladding fitting because one wall was going up against the existing wall. Also the back didn’t need any cladding. Fir platinium cladding and red cladding was used externally. Grey externally and white internally bi-folding doors. Also grey PVC windows. Finally solid wood flooring and white internal clic-lock cladding.

Cre8a garden room turned into a modular classroom at a Preschool in Driffield. Showing the outside of the modular classroom with fir platinum cladding and grey bi-folding doors closed. Modular classroom to help the children learn further.


Neil Donaldson, managing director at Cre8a said, “Cre8a are pleased to help on the new classroom and together with the school and LK2 we look forward to a great place for the children to work and play in one of our amazing new pods.” The overall aim is to provide a simplistic, well-insulated and stimulating learning environment that benefits children attending First Steps for many years to come. The windows were lowered down to the children’s height so they could see outside. There was a challenge on site; a wasp nest was discovered in one of the hedges will removing a remove which delayed the build. The build took 7 working days to complete. The teachers love the new space and can’t wait to use it for many years to come.


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