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Replace Your Conservatory with a Garden Room Extension

Conservatories are a thing of the past with a Cre8a Build. Replacing a conservatory with an extension is now easier than ever. Therefore extend your home with an area you can use all year round, not just in summer. If you have a conservatory already this is great because Cre8a can build the Cre8a build on top of the foundations. Cre8a can dismantle the old conservatory and add this into the cost as well; to save you the trouble. Cre8a can handle the whole process to make it an easy and hassle free transformation. Cre8a’s sister company Highseal Manufacturing would provide the windows and doors. They provide a great security feature and are energy efficient. This helps ensure your refurbished extension can be used all year round. The Cre8a Build roof is highly insulated so you can use the extension in the colder months.


Reasons why replacing your conservatory with a Garden room or a Cre8a Extension is better:

A Cre8a Build adds to the actual square footage of your home, unlike conservatories. So could result in increased value of your home.

Highseal Manufacturing windows are double glazed, CE marked and BSI Kitemark credited.

Cre8a extensions are also more efficient than conservatories as they are properly insulated. Meaning they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

You have no need to worry about the quality of the build as every Cre8a Build comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Cre8a extensions are incredibly easy to maintain and last very well.

Customise your build to suit your style, with over 200 cladding choices.

10 Year Build Guarantee


building extension

Old Conservatory extension


Cre8a extension was installed in North Lincolnshire in November 2018. See the before picture to the left. The customer did not utilise her conservatory as much as she wanted too. It was too cold to use in the winter and then too warm in the summer. Mrs Brumby came across the Cre8a build and loved the idea. Replacing a conservatory was made easy. She replaced her white pvc windows with the modern grey pvc windows and patio doors externally and internally. The conservatory was taken down and a Cre8a Pod was built on the brick wall which the conservatory sat on. Marshland oak cladding was used as the external cladding on the garden room extension.  The customer was very pleased with her new all year round. It is highly insulated which means she can now use the room in the winter and not have her heating on too much.


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