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Our high-pressure laminated external cladding is the best exterior for your quality garden room. We have researched the competition and most of their cladding is wood. Wood has many disadvantages which is why we don’t use it on our quality garden rooms.

Disadvantages of Wood Cladding:

Red Wood

Very expensive

Listed as an endangered species

Cedar Wood

The wood is soft which means it dents and scratches very easily

Western Red Cedar

The saw dust can cause skin and respiratory irritation

The acids in the wood may corrode iron or steel fasteners

It is difficult to treat with preservative chemicals

Cedar is flammable unless specially treated

Requires regular maintenance in the form of repainting or re-staining, every three to five years

Despite a higher resistance, cedar is still more prone to rot

Woodpeckers and insects damage than artificial alternative

It reacts to iron, making it important to avoid using iron nails when installing



So why would you want your cladding on your quality garden room looking like this?








Antique cladding



When it can look like this. Our external cladding has a 10 year guarantee.

Extremely hard-wearing, solvent and scratch resistant. Consistent protection and uncompromising strength. Very easy to fit and low maintenance.

Our cladding looks like the real thing because it is a digital photo finish printed onto the cladding to give excellent detail.

Extremely effective weather protection



We know you are investing a lot into your garden room so you want it to look the best it can be. That is why we have only settled for the best. Our cladding makes it a quality garden room to look modern and luxurious for 10 years! Therefore get in touch with us today for a quote to start the creation of your quality garden room!

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