What’s Inside An Infrared Heating Panel?

An infrared heating panel, carbon fibre panel comprises a number of layers. There are absolutely no moving parts and no risk of overheating or fire inside your garden room. Only the highest quality materials are used, which meet current ecological standards for construction and disposal. Only the best for the garden pod. The heating components are sealed-for-life and the life expectancy is thought to be as much as 130 years. In fact, none of the infrared heating panels has ever failed.

The core and accumulator elements are non-flammable, with a high melting temperature (1,315°C/2,399°F), which is more than ten times the operating temperatures. The core and accumulator are non-conductive and there is no risk of cool-patches or thermal layering when units are exposed to sub-zero temperatures.  The heating element – sourced from the space and aeronautical industry – is considered to be reliable beyond 100 years and is a ‘low electrosmog’ device (it doesn’t emit harmful electromagnetic radiation). A CSA and UL approved safety thermostat ensure that all units are protected from over-heating and its possible consequences.

The hard glass enamelled surface is made from enamelled steel and is the product of melting high-quality stainless steel hard glass. The end surface is scratch and acid resistant, colourfast and, virtually indestructible – further adding to the product’s lifespan. This surface can be coated in a range of colours and even with decorative images. Also, these enamelled surfaces have very good heat reflection properties, minimising convection and maximising radiation.

With a special powder-coating, the heater surfaces possess ‘low transfer conductivity’, which means you can touch the surface without burning yourself, making them ideal for your garden room, home office or hobby room. The rear of our panels is typically a galvanised metal sheet, which provides the necessary structural rigidity. Which you can not see inside your garden room!

Would you have an image or coloured panel heater inside your garden room?

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  1. Tabitha on November 3, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Great description! Will definitely help more people understand the benefits of infrared heating as it is dramatically growing in popularity in domestic and commercial properties.

  2. JSP on December 8, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    How is the radiation emitted? Which component produces/emits infrared rays?
    Thanks for your answer.

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